Welcome to September!

September’s theme is alignment, which we chose for reasons that might be obvious.  This time of year is perhaps the busiest – or at least it feels that way as we transition from a leisurely summer to the chaos of a new school year, five-day work weeks, and a new routine.  So the importance of stopping and pulling everything back into focus is essential to maintaining that optimistic mindset we’re striving for and building your life around what matters most.

So, here’s what alignment means in the words of our team:

Elizabeth: Alignment means that everything in my life is working towards the same end goal, the expression of my life’s purpose. It’s about flow and harmony. When I am in alignment, I am embracing the interconnections of the many facets of my life and bringing them together in one accord.

Kate: For me, alignment is when everything falls into place as it should, in turn creating a more peaceful and enjoyable life. As a person who thrives off of structure and routine, alignment is where I find my center and am able to feel successful, productive, and optimistic about my choices and the direction that I am headed.

Hannah: To me, alignment is all about recalibrating your mind, body, and actions.  When I feel aligned, I feel like everything is just one fluid motion. It feels like I can think clearly, causing me to act appropriately, leaving me anxiety and stress free (for the most part).  If you have your own mind and body aligned than it is easier to fully understand, listen to, and connect with your friends and family.  I believe alignment is really important because it is a reminder to put yourself first so that you can properly benefit others.

Lorenza: To be aligned is to arrange your mindset and actions so that your lifestyle is oriented toward the goals that you want to achieve and the person who you strive to be.

How will you cultivate alignment in your life this month?

With Optimism,

The Davine Team