“The ones who are crazy enough to change the world, are the ones who do.” ~ Steve Jobs

A few months ago, I decided that I would spend this fall going to conferences and networking, A LOT.  As an introvert and someone who loves small intimate groups, conferences and networking are sometimes daunting to me.  But I also knew that the pivots I am making in my business will gain traction and become even better the more I am out connecting and talking to the individuals I want to serve.  Which has meant that every other week since August I’ve been on the road, staying in different hotel rooms in different cities throughout North America, and talking about my vision, my cause, the work I am passionate about and how it is going to make a difference.

Frankly, it’s exhausting, and I have at points wondered if I might be crazy to take on so much.  But it’s also been immensely rewarding, and I’ve been able to make genuine and remarkable connections that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t taken on the challenge.  Even more than that, I’ve received a huge vote of confidence in this new direction that I’m taking and confirmation that what I’m offering is something that people want and need and that, just maybe, I can change the world in this way.

Here’s the thing – this idea didn’t spring into being overnight.  It was the product of years of not giving up as I honed my passions and purpose until they fit together just right.  We all want to change the world, and we all have the ability to – we are each uniquely positioned to leave the world better in a way that no one else can, if we put in the work to figure out what that is.  So, do you have an idea that you’ve been sitting on?  An interest that you can’t get out of your head?

Here are our steps for honing those ideas and interests into something that can become a purpose and a passion. These are our tips and to help you to live each day for a cause that lights you up and makes a difference in the world.

  • Define your purpose: Do you know what gets you up in the morning?  What helps you carry on through long days at work or keeps you studying for that subject that you hate?  You may not know exactly, or it may change next year.  It may be incredibly simple or you may have more than one – but every one of us has a purpose that drives us through life, and figuring out what it is can help define our goals more than anything else.
  • Embrace your passions: Your passions may be the same as your purpose – like teaching – but they also may be completely different.  What is something that lights you up or makes you lose track of time when you’re doing or learning about it?  Is it dancing, helping people understand themselves better, traveling?  Do you have a focused passion for one or two things or do you have so many that it’s hard to focus at all?  Either way, our passions are what lend the spark to our lives, and it’s important that we pay attention to what lights that spark.

Click to tweet: Our passions are what lend the spark to our lives, and it’s important that we pay attention to what lights that spark.

  •  Make a difference: Have you ever seen someone whose purpose and passions align perfectly?  Usually, people like this are unstoppable – and, more than that, they make those around them believe that they can be unstoppable too.  Once our eyes are opened to the niche of the world where our purpose and passions coincide, we’re capable of things we never dreamed possible before.  We become crazy enough to believe that we might be able to change the world – and that’s the best way to make a difference.

So, in what ways do you think you might be able to change the world?  What cause is driving you? Let us know by e-mailing hello@davine.com or connecting with us on Facebook or Instagram – there are few things we love more than being able to help people discover their passion and purpose in life.

With Optimism,

The Davine Team