“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.” Sophia Bush

It’s so easy for us to slip into the mistaken mindset that perfection is something that’s achievable.  We get stuck in who we have been and are often hard on ourselves for not yet being who we want to be, and as a result we fail to see the wonder and hope of the person that we are.

You, as you are right now, are a masterpiece.  And masterpiece doesn’t mean perfect, it just means remarkable.  Ask any artist – even the best in history – if their greatest work was perfect.  Each and every one of them would say “no, there was still more to do.”  But were they still proud of it?  “Yes, of course.”  Because perfection doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean that a work in progress can’t be remarkable.

So how do you work toward seeing yourself and living as the person you want to become?  Below are some practical steps that have helped us along this journey.

How you view yourself
See yourself with fresh eyes. So many times we aren’t willing to claim who we want to be because we keep defining ourselves by who we’ve been. Seeing yourself with fresh eyes means seeing your own potential – the way you see potential in friends and loved ones. Give yourself that same grace.

How you treat yourself
When a child is learning to walk, we treat them with a lot of love, support, and encouragement. And even if they’ve only walked once, we love to exclaim that they’ve taken their first steps and they are a walker, even if they continue to fall regularly as they master the skill. How can you treat yourself the same way? Embracing that you are a work in progress, but that doesn’t make you any less of who you want to become. What can you do to give yourself love, support, and encouragement? How can you celebrate the steps you’ve taken and the person you are today?

The choices you make
For good and bad, our choices define us. Our choices move us towards something you desire, or away from it. And if you aren’t actively choosing to move towards something, then by default you are moving away from it. What choices, what small baby step, can you take today that moves you towards something you want?

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Do you have ideas or tips that we didn’t include?  What are ways that you keep your eyes focused on the person are becoming by celebrating that in yourself today? Write to us at hello@davine.com, or on Facebook or Instagram – we’d love to hear from you!

With Optimism,

The Davine Team