Welcome to October!

How was your month of alignment?  In what ways were you successful that might be helpful to others?

October’s theme is cultivate.  Cultivation takes intention and investment.  Relationships are cultivated when  we focus on seeing the light in others and investing without expecting anything back.  Skills are cultivated by dedicating time and attention to improving yourself.  Mindsets (like optimism!) are cultivated by continuously being aware of your thoughts and training yourself to respond in the way that aligns with your eventual goal.

So, here’s what cultivate means in the words of our team:

Elizabeth: To me, cultivation is the process between sowing and reaping. It’s the continued commitment to what I want to bring to fruition in the future, so by cultivating something I am regularly nurturing it with time, energy, and resources. One thing I’m cultivating right now is more connection with the people in my life – better relationships with my colleagues, more time and energy in my friendships, and more presence when I am with my family.

Kate: For me, to cultivate is to build towards something – a work in progress. Whether it be building a new relationship with a friend or colleague, adjusting to a new schedule, or adopting a new skill, I feel like there is always one facet of my life where I am cultivating something.

Hannah: To me, to cultivate means to nurture something and help it grow. When you cultivate a skill or a friendship, you are taking time to make it strong and beautiful.  I think having “cultivate” as the theme of the month is a good reminder to take that extra step in nourishing relationships that matter to you. Sending the extra “thinking of you” text message or calling them just to say hello.

Lorenza: Cultivation requires dedication and care – whether it’s a relationship (new or old), a hobby, or a routine, to cultivate it you need to be willing to spend intentional mental, physical, and/or emotional energy on making it a part of who you are aiming to be.

In what ways will you strive to cultivate new relationships, practices, or mindsets in  your life this month?

With Optimism,
The Davine Team