Welcome to November!

What did you decide to cultivate in your life last month?  Do you have any stories of your pursuit that might help others?

November’s theme is connection.  Connection seems to be an elusive concept these days.  Text, Facebook, email, Words with Friends – the list of tools we use to stay connected without actually being face-to-face is extensive.  If you’re like us, you can find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated by this trend of quantity-over-quality.

This is where optimism comes in, reminding us that these tools aren’t bad, but they are just that – tools – that can enable us to better link with others, but ultimately should never replace deeper attachments.  Connection is about unity, joining together, creating bonds, and establishing relationships. And while this isn’t complicated, it does take effort, attention, and intention. It takes being present and fully in the moment and giving someone, or something, our undivided attention. It takes reminding ourselves to look for the best in others and approach relationships and engagements with no agenda or ego.  It takes courage to initiate genuine connection and battle the epidemic of loneliness that’s overwhelming our communities. And it takes time to prioritize and invest in the relationships that are most important.

Connection isn’t limited to our relationships with others. It is optimistic, and valuable, to take time to connect with yourself, with God, with nature, with creative pursuits that bring you passion, with a new place or your regular community. Connection can come through conversation, but it can also come from quiet meditation, a simple smile or eye contact, a stroll through your garden or an art gallery, reading a book, or in a simple touch or a fully embracing hug.

What is important for you to connect with this month? In what ways will you strive for connection with those people who are most important to you?  How can you use your current tools differently to make those connections more genuine?

With Optimism,
The Davine Team