“Growth feels a lot like failure.”

This has been a resounding theme for me this year, as I’ve been focused on growth. Personal growth. Business growth. Relationship growth. I’m intense and driven and never do anything halfway, so why not try and grow everything all at once. 😊 I’m kidding. Sort of.

In all seriousness, I have spent a lot of this year feeling like a failure because I’ve been trying new things, stretching myself, failing, pivoting, and continuing to move forward again and again. I am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people who are supporting me, helping me grow and expand, doing the work to move the business forward, having the hard conversations to be vulnerable and intentional. But when it’s all said and done, it’s not the family and friend and team members cheering me on that helps me get up and try again day after day. It helps, for sure, but it’s not what drives it. What drives it is that voice inside of me, the one that sometimes is still and small and at other times is a roar, reminding me that I am on this earth for a reason, that I have something to offer, that I can have an impact and leave the world better.

I’d like to say that once you have that cause, that purpose, that passion that is lighting your fire and driving you forward, it’s easy to get out of bed each morning and you whistle while you work all day long. That’s not quite the truth either. One thing that I do know, is that as I’ve become clearer this year about my cause, my core values, and about the difference I want to make in the world, I have also become more joyful in what I’m doing, more inspired by how I can accomplish it, and much more motivated to make it a reality.

In the last month or two, I finally feel like I’ve moved past the “failure” sensation of growth and into traction – feeling like all of the growth and hard work and long days and tough conversations have started to result in progress. Woohoo! Seriously doing a happy dance every day for this new phase! I know that I never would have reached this new phase had it not been getting clear on my cause and what I was working towards. To know what was driving me in the midst of a lot of failures (or perceived failures) and staying true to that cause.

Click to Tweet: What is the cause that is driving you right now?

Is it a particular purpose in your work?

A personal passion project that you’ve not yet told anyone about, but keeps tickling at your soul?

Are you driven by community and connection and wanting better relationships in your life?

These are some of the things that drive me, that are causes that I keep regrounding myself in and working towards. What are you working towards?

Send us a note and let us know the cause you’re living for by e-mailing hello@davine.com or connecting with us on Facebook or Instagram!. While we say “live for a cause, not for applause,” we’d love to be part of your cheerleading team to support you along the way. And if you’re wondering how to get clear on that cause, stay tuned for our next blog post… we’ll be diving in to the ways we narrow in on the causes that are most important to us.

With Optimism,

Elizabeth & the Davine Team