Seeing Light in the Darkness

See the Light in Others

Who Do You Want to Be?

Radiating Optimism in December

Welcome to December! This time of year is always filled to the brim, making it both one of the easiest times to be optimistic and equally one of the most challenging. As a season of reflection and gratitude, gathering with friends and family, festivities and giving,...

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November – Connection

Welcome to November! What did you decide to cultivate in your life last month?  Do you have any stories of your pursuit that might help others? November’s theme is connection.  Connection seems to be an elusive concept these days.  Text, Facebook, email, Words with...

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October – Cultivate

Welcome to October! How was your month of alignment?  In what ways were you successful that might be helpful to others? October's theme is cultivate.  Cultivation takes intention and investment.  Relationships are cultivated when  we focus on seeing the light in...

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September – Alignment

Welcome to September! September’s theme is alignment, which we chose for reasons that might be obvious.  This time of year is perhaps the busiest – or at least it feels that way as we transition from a leisurely summer to the chaos of a new school year, five-day work...

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