Optimistic Tips to Leave the World Better

Optimistic Tips to Leave the World Better It is finally starting to feel like spring, a season filled with hope and optimism. April is one of those months that reminds us that on the other side of a long, cold, dark, and dreary season there is sunshine, longer warmer...

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Leave the World a Bit Better

Leave the World a Bit Better “I used to be an optimist, but with the state of the world right now I don’t think I can be optimistic anymore.” Just yesterday a stranger shared this sentiment with me when he learned I had written a book on optimism. And I wish that it...

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Collaboration Roadmap

Collaboration Roadmap Humans weren’t designed to function on our own. We naturally seek out communities and relationships, and often the most rewarding ones are those with people who we find interesting – who have different experiences, opinions, and ways of seeing...

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Collaborate, Don’t Compete

Collaborate, Don't Compete We’ve spent the last few weeks working on seeing the light in others. How did that go for you? Did you find deeper connections with colleagues and neighbors? Did you experience more gratitude and ease with your family and friends? For our...

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