Humans weren’t designed to function on our own. We naturally seek out communities and relationships, and often the most rewarding ones are those with people who we find interesting – who have different experiences, opinions, and ways of seeing the world. Collaboration, and the resulting successes, creates a sense of pride and inclusiveness among our teams, and for us as individuals.

We benefit by broadening our perspectives and skill sets in order to create the best end product.

We encourage you to use this sheet as a roadmap for bringing more collaboration into your life.


Consider a recent challenge you are facing at work or in your personal life. Are you facing roadblocks on elevating a project to its next level? Or maybe you’re stuck on how you can elevate yourself to the next level? Define what the challenge is and then describe what your ultimate goal would be.


Use this next section to determine the best ways to move towards your goal and incorporate more collaboration into your life. Remember: you can have multiple challenges and goals!

You may even choose to do this exercise per category of life: work, self, relationship, and community. Think big picture and outside of the box.

People I’d Like to Collaborate With

Who have you been wanting to partner with? Is there someone who you’ve been wanting to ask for help from, or offer help to? What’s getting in the way of this collaboration? Is it circumstance, or is it fear or pride?

What I Can Offer Others

What are some skills that you have that could benefit others? Are you able to organize information or closets? Do you have the creative vision to bring someone else’s ideas to life? Are you someone who enjoys listening and helping people find what brings them joy?

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Ways I’d Like to Grow/Learn

Is there something you’ve been wanting to learn? Or are there skills you want to enhance at work or in your personal life? Figure out what’s stopping you from growing and learning and maybe ask someone else to help you overcome it.

Ready, Set, ACTION

Now it’s time to make an action plan of when and how you plan to collaborate!

Write down 3 action steps for the following:

Collaboration Challenge

  1. Who are you going to reach out to?
  2. What are you going to offer?
  3. What do you hope to learn or gain?

This month, we would love to collaborate with you! Can you think of other steps or questions that help you through the process of achieving your goals or collaborating with others in your communities? We’d love to hear about them – you can reply to this email or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

With Optimism,

Elizabeth Shaw & The Davine Team